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To make use of interests as drivers for effective governance

A successful commissioner has a sense for the interests of his contractor, the motives that drive behavior. As such, interests are extremely adequate triggers, and hence very much suited for managing the conduct of contractors.


It is therefore vital to develop a sense for the dilemmas that contracted service providers are faced with - and to anticipate and respond to those dilemmas adequately.


The public interest for the private contractor
Private service providers have three main interests. First, this is continuity. The service provider needs to cover his costs - and, depending on whether he is a for-profit provider, he will need to make a reasonable profit. Risks need to be controlled. Second, the service provider - for his continuity in a longer-term perspective - will take an interest in vesting and maintaining a solid reputation.

The third area of interest tends to remain a little under emphasized. This, however, is not warranted. This area would be the interests of the professionals working for the service provder, to have challenging work and be able to invest in the quality of the services provided. For this, your approach as a public sector manager and your staff, towards these professionals is important. Be open, leave scope for discussing mutual expectations, allow private professionals to come up with solutions - all these factors contribute to a successful partnership.

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