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The market for reintegration services in Flanders (Belgium)

Ultimo 2009 the market for employment and reintegration services in Flanders has been evaluated. The evaluation report contains a number of suggestions for a more effective governance structure.

Concurrent with the international trend of contracting private service providers in the area of job matching and reintegration (intensive services), the Public Employment Service in Flanders (VDAB) in 2005 has started contracting a share of its services to private service providers. Some of the main findings are the following: There is a need for a more strategic framework with respect to the tendering of employment services. This allows to formulate the policy aims more carefully and this also brings about more transparency and trust for private organizations. Futher there is a need for a better distinction between an approach for the less difficult to service groups and the more disadvantaged groups. For the former, the involvement of private providers may be motivated more by capacity arguments, whereas for the latter the private providers may offer complementary skills and innovative and more effective approaches. This distinction between the two broad groups would subsequently find its translation in a different tender framework (different scale and different criteria). The evaluation report further advises to implement an organizational model that allows for learning, and for seperating the monitoring and executive units in the VDAB (at least in a functional manner).

Magazijn13 has contributed to the report.