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Dutch Council for Work and Income publishes 2010 edition of Factsheet Reintegration

The Council for Work and Income (Raad voor Werk en Inkomen) has published the second edition of the Factsheet Reintegration. The Fact Sheet provides a fairly encompassing insight into the amount, the scope, the efficiency and effectiveness of public spending on reintegration.

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The invisible hand at the steering wheel?

The government should steer stronger on the market for reintegration services. Less “laissez faire” and a stronger commitment and organising of institutional learning potential in the implementation of reintegration measures. “We have to turn a 6 into a 9…!”

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The Agent version of Pre-Tender now is operational

The computer simulation game of Pre-Tender has now also been developed into an ‘agent version’. This allows government organisations to test their RFT design in advance. And it allows service providers to test their bid strategies.

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Fit for Work

The Dutch UWV and the four major cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht) will launch an experimental approach for the reintegration of highly disadvantaged jobseekers, entitled Fit for Work.

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Traveling Down Under

From 14 to 24 March 2010, Magazijn13 and the Foundation Welfare to Work have organized a study trip to Australia and New Zealand. The focus was on integrated services concepts for disadvantaged groups.

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