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The Dutch Council for Work and Income publishes a Fact Sheet on reintegration

The Council for Work and Income has recently (November 2009) published a Fact Sheet on reintegration.

The Fact Sheet provides a fairly encompassing insight into the amount, the scope, the efficiency and effectiveness of public spending on reintegration. One of the conclusions from the Fact Sheet is that there are still some pieces of the puzzle missing - in this sense, the Fact Sheet points to the ‘white spots’ in our information. Nevertheless, this document is the first effort to publish the available and most important information in a concise form.


Interesting is to see whether the central government’s ‘60 percent outcome target’ in effect is achieved. In 2008 the outcome score stood at 61 percent. However, this is an average score and for some groups - social assistance beneficiaries (WWB) and disabled (AO), in particular - the score was lower. Moreover, when we tune to the sustained outcomes (more than 6 month’s job tenure) the score drops to an average of 37 percent, as the figure illustrates.

The Fact Sheet is in Dutch, but on this site we will publish the main results and we will keep track of new statistics.