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Traveling Down Under

From 14 to 24 March 2010, Magazijn13 and the Foundation Welfare to Work have organized a study trip to Australia and New Zealand. The focus was on integrated services concepts for disadvantaged groups.

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Why Australia and New Zealand?
Australia and the Netherlands are similar with respect to their emphasis on private service providers in a managed market. The extent to which this job services contracting model caters for the highly disadvantaged groups has been a topic of debate, both in Australia and the Netherlands. Also in terms of size of the work force and the economic situation both countries are to a large extent similar. And New Zealand has developed an integrated servicing model which includes services that elsewhere tend to be considered as outside the scope of the job services network.

Moreover, it is interesting to learn from the approaches of both countries towards their indigenous groups - how do Australia and New Zealand fare with respect to the social inclusion of the indigenous Australians and the Maori? With the integration of ethnic minorities and an accumulation of problems in the inner cities in the Netherlands more and more on the political agenda, there are some lessons to learn from a Dutch perspective.
The study tour has taken us to a number of organizations in both countries who are pivotal in employment policy and implementation.

Arthur van de Meerendonk presented the latest developments in the Netherlands in Wellington New Zealand for a group of government officials. The slides of this presentation can be accessed here. Australian_NZ_visit_overview_presentation_10_03.pdf