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Pre-Tender is a computer simulation of a market for social services. It can aid in improving the role of government organizations as commissioners for these services.

Pre-Tender demonstrates the strategic market behavior that is liable to result from a specific tendering and contract design, and the outcomes which will result from such market behavior – both intended and unintended outcomes.
Pre-Tender is applicable both in training sessions and in policy making. For example, for testing various options for tender design or contract management. Pre-Tender, thus, facilitates a more effective and efficient contracting process.

image In the game version of Pre-Tender participants step into the role of service providers in a market, acquiring ‘hands on’ experience in competition for contracts, and an insight in some of the decision making dilemmas providers may find themselves in. In training sessions where Pre-Tender is applied, the ultimate objective is to translate this provider’s perspective back to the strategic perspective of the commissioner.