About Magazijn13


Magazijn13 specializes in issues of strategic policy making and governance – in particular with respect to the contracting out of welfare to work programs and related social services. How to ensure that private providers operate in line with public interest? – that is a core governance issue. Magazijn13 accounts for over 2 decades of experience in this area in, and outside the Netherlands.


Director of Magazijn13 Ltd. is Arthur van de Meerendonk. Arthur has worked for over 16 years for government organizations in the Netherlands and abroad. He has worked for several Dutch Ministries and for the International Labor Office in Geneva and in the field. Arthur has been involved in most of the major welfare state restructuring operations in the Netherlands over the past two decades. Moreover, Arthur acts as a Visiting Fellow in the joint ILO/University of Maastricht Social Protection Financing Masters program at the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance.

Magazijn13 has successfully done assignments for the Dutch Ministry of Integration, the Council for Work and Income, the Cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the Social Insurance Organization in the Netherlands (UWV), and the Belgian (Flemish) government.